About the Apologists

The Homeschool Apologist is written by Linda and Arby.

Linda Difino is a 40-something blissfully married, work-at-home, homeschooling mom of 4 amazing kids, aged 24, 24, 20, AND 7. When she’s not home-making, homeschooling, or working, she can be found blogging the joys and rewards of homeschooling and life both here and at The Joyful Journey. A 20+-year veteran of homeschooling, Linda enjoys being an educator, supporter, and defender of homeschool families in her community and around the country.

Richard Barrette, aka "Arby," is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, father of three children, aged 15, 9, and 7. Happily married to a wonderful woman who is convinced that a party begins each morning after she walks out the door to go to work, Arby is in his eighth year of educating his children at home.  He finds time to write between teaching three children, wrangling two dogs, and herding several chickens. He loves to write about homeschooling and his often chaotic, but always fun family life.