Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are We Losing our Rights as Parents?


  1. Well, this certainly does a good job of explaining why Michael Ferris fights so fiercely against the treaty.

    I sure do wish they hired better actors.

  2. Kinda wish they'd hired better cartoon characters too! :-)

    Video was very troubling. I hadn't read that much about the treaty. I found this very eye-opening!

  3. I didn't watch it, just listened as I cleaned. To be honest, it sounded just fine. Think I'll stick to listening when I replay it then. :)

    Isn't it a new focus but similar to The Child? I still haven't seen that, but do have a copy at least. One of these days...


  4. Thanks for stopping by, Jill! The acting isn't terrible, but the cartoon characters they used are...well...interesting! :-) You probably could get the full impact just by listening...but maybe most people aren't as picky as Arby and me!! LOL!

    I've not seen "The Child", but I'm sure it's a pretty similar focus. This one is 100% based on the testimonies of families that have been directly effected by these policies. I think that's what's so chilling. These things are happening to real and normal families. It's scary.

    Thanks again for stopping by!