Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Prayer Request for a Homeschooler

I’d like to ask everyone for their prayers this morning. 

Michelle, a homeschooler who writes over at Eagle EyeAcademy, had a niece in a bad car accident last week.   Bailey broke her clavicle and pelvis in three places.  Last week she had surgery to repair her pelvis.  Doctors inserted one plate, eight screws, and external hardware.  Yesterday, Bailey had surgery for her clavicle.  Doctors inserted one plate and seven screws.   This young lady has a long road of healing and physical therapy in front of her. 
Michelle will be on the road to Iowa from the west coast in order to help her family.

Please say a prayer for Bailey’s recovery, for guidance for her doctors and nurses, for strength for Bailey’s family, and for Michelle’s safe travels to Iowa.  I will keep you updated on Bailey’s progress as I receive news. 



  1. Praying for Bailey and for Michelle!! Thanks for sharing this, Arby!

  2. Good news today!! She was able to eat some, the nausea medicine is finally working!! The really want her to up her calorie intake however. Well, gee, she hasn't eaten in a week, it'll take a few days in my opinion. She sat up today (with their help) and she had a sponge bath and hair washed, which made her feel ten times better.. The pain is still bad and she has a long road of recovery. We've decided to hold off our travels until we get word as to where she'll be for recovery. They are trying to find a place closer to home. thank you all for your prayers! And Arby, we'll be sure to meet up when we do head that way!!

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