Friday, April 13, 2012

Linda Can Still Pull My Strings

She does this to me because my friend knows that there are some stories I absolutely cannot let pass by without comment once I’ve finished banging my head against the kitchen table.

Linda sent me a link to a Fox News Insider article about a classroom teacher who made her fourth grade students become pen pals with a then accused (and now convicted) rapist who is serving a fifty year sentence for molesting a girl under the age of fourteen.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Fourth grade students are 10-11 years old. Their innocence concerning the depth of human depravity has been shattered by one of the adults they should be able to trust: their teacher.

This didn’t happen in a public school. It happened in Houston, Texas’ Trinity Lutheran School, a Missouri Synod Church school. It happened without the knowledge of or consent of the parents of these students or the school principal.

It just shows that private schools are not always the best resort when one is dissatisfied with their local public school system.

These children wrote letters that included their “full names, [a] description of their appearance, and their favorite things to do.” If there is one thing that child molesters are good at, it is grooming a potential victim by gaining access to them. The odds are that the creep in question will never again walk the streets of Houston as a free man, but nonetheless it is stunning that access to children by a child molester was facilitated by a teacher in a Christian school!

When man falls from Grace, he really falls from Grace.

It will take a lot of alcohol to erase the image of what this cretin might have done with those letters while alone in his cell. Luckily, the letters were discovered and removed from his possession. Parents have been notified. The teacher has been fired, and the principal placed on a paid leave of absence.

So, hug your children a little tighter when you put them to bed tonight, and take comfort in the knowledge that your choice to homeschool your children is the best defense against the stupid, thoughtless, and dangerous people who slip through the system and gain employment in our nation’s schools.

I’m off to find some Excedrin.

I have a headache.


  1. I was seriously just thinking to myself that I miss you're posts! Of course, it's terrible that this situation happened...but I'm glad to read a post from you nonetheless.

  2. Actually it happen WITH The principal knowledge. That is why the principal has been removed as well. So the principal DID know about it and was okay with it!

    Further more the teacher's husband is under investigation for child porn and it looks as the pastor knowing this still allowed the teacher's husband to be in and around the school.

    Well the pastor did ask the husband not to be around, but it looks as if the husband didn't do that and may have even coached one of the sports activities all while being investigated. They really didn't do anything to stop the husband from being around the school.

  3. I KNEW you couldn't say no to this one!! And passing it on to you meant I didn't have to write about it! I just banged my head against the table.

    Thanks for writing, my friend!! Going up to hug my son!

  4. Has anyone checked to see if the teacher has a problem? That seems like a very odd demand, and a much more thorough revelation than would normally be encouraged between penpals of disparate age.

  5. The Mail Online article

    has more disturbing details that support SAHMinIL's comments above.

  6. Floored. As much as things like this shouldn't surprise me, I still feel like I've been attacked everytime I read stuff like this. Makes me want to hug my kids more and be thankful that we homeschool. Praise God!