Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Math: Grrrr.....

I've been working on what I hope is going to be a very interesting post, but a nasty cold and math keep getting in the way!  Yes, math....the easiest math you could ever imagine.  Well at least it should be the easiest.  Let's just say that my 7-year old son is NOT a math genius.

I'm pulling my hair out.  And it's only first grade. 

So while I work on math (and NOT an interesting post) here's something else that's been neglected lately....Cristina's comics!!!  Sometimes it just helps to laugh.


  1. OH, that cartoon was SO my Savannah a few years ago. For that type of problem I used pennies for the ones column, dimes for the 10's column and dollar bills for the 100's column. Once Savannah could SEE the problem, she understood and worked it. She was always turning the numbers around so she COULD subtract. Didn't matter where it was, she made it work for her. I cried and so did she. LOL She still doesn't like math but she does understand it enough now that she can work problems when necessary.

  2. Well, thank goodness I'm in such good company they had to make a cartoon about it. I was beginning to worry I was alone.

  3. I can relate to that. I'm still explaining fractions to my 13 yr old.

  4. Ah, the beastie in your camp, eh? My son is like that some days. On some days he amazes me with his brilliance and the same math one day later leaves him looking like a giant question mark. Go figure. Recently he added three figure numbers with the greatest of ease, the next day he had trouble adding 15+8. Sigh, we'll have to keep plodding along I guess :)