Friday, January 28, 2011

More Food for Thought: Sir Ken on Homeschooling

Spurred on by some of the questions Arby raised in response to the "Changing Education Paradigms" video posted earlier this week, I've been reading more about school reform activist, Sir Ken Robinson. Some time ago, Sir Ken invited his followers to "tweet" him their questions. The video below (posted today) is the response to the following question:

"What are your thoughts on home education and how that model can be applied to schools?"

"What all this points to to me is a key principle for the future of education as a whole which is diversity: diversity of provision, diversity of teaching style, and diversity of curricula. And those principles stand, at the moment, in contrast to the ones that have dominated public education, which is standardization and conformity. So I think there's an opportunity here for a much more open conversation about how multiple approaches to education, in the home or in school, can help to inform and benefit each other.
- Sir Ken Robertson


  1. It’s too bad that while SKR defines “diversity” in terms of using different methods of teaching to reach the diversity in student learning styles, the NEA et al. defines “diversity” in terms of race, sexual orientation, and religion.

  2. That's the truth. Definitely different definitions!