Monday, April 25, 2011

An Afternoon with the Speech Therapist

We received a note from our daughter’s speech therapist this afternoon telling us about a “comparing/classifying” activity on which they worked. 
The therapist showed Captain Chaos three pictures.  One was a picture of a cat, one was of a horse, and the last picture was of a kitten.  “Which ones go together?” she asked.
“The cats,” my daughter replied.
“Why?” her therapist asked. 
“Because I don’t like cats,” Captain Chaos responded.
The therapist showed three more pictures: a boy, a bird, and a bike.  “Which ones go together?” she asked.
“The boy and the bike,” my daughter replied.
“Why?” the therapist asked.
“Because the boy let the bird out,” the Captain explained.
Near the bottom of the note the therapist explained that on this exercise the girl could earn 1 point for correctly telling which two pictures went together, and 1 point for correctly explaining why.  She further stated that the Captain only got one “why” question correct because she correctly identified a pear and an apple as fruit, and ultimately earned a 50% on the exercise.
I’m not so sure.
Placing a cat and a kitten together in the category of “things I hate” seems like a logical answer to me.
And, who knows?  Maybe the boy did let the bird out!       


  1. Okay, which one of the boys let the chickens out of the coop? I'd give her 100% on that question too.

  2. I dislike these kinds of things. Why are some thought processes inherently "WRONG"!
    Must fit into the box!

  3. We went through something similar when my ds was "evaluated" for speech therapy - what all this testing had to do with his speech, I still don't know.

    They asked him a question like, "Who do you call when your house is on fire?" He said, "The Fire Department." They wanted him to say, "911." They expressed concern that he didn't have the right answer. Also, they asked him his phone number and he correctly stated he didn't have one (because he doesn't have a cell phone and that's all we use). They didn't like that answer either. Oh well. LOL


  4. LOL. We have flunked our share of these tests, too. I personally flunk the people who come up with these things.

    We finally finished with speech therapy a couple years ago. At that point, the therapist's picture of a phone was still a black one with a cord, like I grew up with just before the colored princess phones. I wonder how many kids, not just those needing therapy, would be SURE it is a phone.

  5. Push thoughts into box, don't let any other thoughts in or there will be mutiny!!

    I agree, the boy probably let the bird out. Bad boy!

  6. I'd say you've got a very smart and perceptive little girl there! Who cares about grades? She thinks outside the box; that's almost always a plus.