Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homeschooling Works!

Okay, so can we have a praise God moment? 
Each week at the end of karate class, the entire class says, “I promise to respect my parents.  I promise to listen to my teachers.  I promise to never misuse my karate.”   It is our karate oath.  Last week, our sensei gave the class a homework assignment.  We were asked to write the karate oath on a sheet of paper and bring it to class. 
Yesterday afternoon, I sat down with Captain Chaos, my six-year-old daughter, and asked her to recite the karate oath.  She did.  Then I gave her a piece of paper and a pencil, and helped her write her oath.  Please allow me to qualify “help.”  She did all the work.  I sat next to her, kept her focused, and guided her on “w” and “y," two letters that still give her trouble. This was a big test of her abilities.  Some of you do know, but most of you do not, that Captain Chaos had a stroke when she was four months old.  There was damage to both hemispheres.  Her left side was affected harder than her right, but there are muscle loss/motor control issues with her right hand.  For both physical and cognitive developmental reasons, we decided to hold our daughter back from first grade one year, and focus on three primary goals during this kindergarten year.  One was to teach her how to add.  The second was to teach her how to read.  The third was to teach her how to write. And yesterday she wrote:

This is a “Thank you, God!” moment.  This is an enormous achievement that is the result of years of prayer, therapy, hard work, and love.  This is the first time that our daughter sat down and wrote a sentence, let alone three.  My wife and I cannot help but remember looking at a very young girl on life support and wondering what the future would hold.  We looked at the Captain’s efforts yesterday and saw a blessing from above.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, God!
We know that as dedicated as our local school might be, they were not capable of giving the Captain the attention that she needed to get to this developmental milestone.    Our family has been blessed abundantly, and the ability to homeschool is one of those blessings.    Let’s all remain vigilant and work to keep homeschooling available to everyone.   
Homeschooling works! 

(An unsolicited addendum:  This is Linda, Arby's very devious blogging partner.  I love, love, love this post.  And I wanted some Hip Homeschool Moms to get a chance to read this amazing homeschool moment from one of the hippest homeschool dads I know.  Sooo...sorry, Arby.  You're now an honorary member of the Hip Homeschool (Mom) Hop.  I voted you in.)


  1. I agree!! Arby is the coolest!!

    Seriously though, Arby and Boss....that's fantastic!! How wonderful!! I'm so excited for the Captain!! Shes doing beautifully and flourishing at home!!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. this is a great post! what a wonderful picture of how amazing homeschooling can be and how well it can work for families!! :) hopping by from the homeschool hop!

  3. I don't come over here so I can start crying, Arby.

    (just kidding - that is a terrific, terrific story, and one that I'm sure will sustain you for a long time to come)

  4. Yeah...seriously, Deb. Since when does Arby make us CRY?!?!? I cried too!! :-)

  5. You rock Arby! So glad you could join us at the Hop!

  6. yes, absolutely a Thank God moment. We have had our share of them with Miss Dog Lover and they sure make you appreciate achievement. Thank you for blogging this. :)

  7. Great post! Isn't is amazing what can come to pass?

  8. What a wonderful post <3

    Yay for Captain Chaos and our great God!!! And fantastic blogger-daddy Arby and his amazing blogging partner Linda ;-)

    Welcome to HHH, I hope you can join every week!

  9. Such a very cool moment for you guys. Be sure to revel in it for multiple days! :D

  10. Awesome post! How great that you could share that special experience with your daughter! I totally agree that homeschooling works. So glad you joined us (honorary or not) at the HHH! Deb @ LivingMontessoriNow.com

  11. I can totally relate to this post! Congratulations on your little Praise to God.

    I am a former public school teacher who now homeschools. My little MacGyver is a late bloomer when it comes to reading and writing. However, with much love and patience he is now reading. And the best part about homeschool is he was never "labeled". He knows he is a great reader and that is the way it should be! :)