Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Don't Have a Title for This Post

I wasn’t going to say anything. It’s a personal decision about a controversial topic that elicits strong reactions from supporters and opponents alike. It’s also one of only two topics this morning that come to mind as I stare at a blank Word page and ask myself, “Do you have anything to say?” I don’t want to write about the Alpha Omega Social Media Awards, which end today. The dominating thought in my mind is the steady tick-tock of our homeschool clock as it counts down the eight hours and twenty-three minutes until my appointment with destiny. I feel like Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus as midnight approaches. This afternoon I’m getting a tattoo. 

Don’t worry; it’s nothing large or gaudy. I’m not getting arrows painted on my neck or my favorite sports team’s logo permanently emblazoned on my buttocks, which would be the appropriate place for a Cubs logo. Let’s face it: they’re 59 and 77, 22 games out of first place with a .434 winning percentage. The tattoo will be a simple double ring of lettering on my right arm, just below the elbow. It will be placed in such a way that I can cover it with a long sleeve shirt should I choose to, even if I roll up my sleeves (which is my preferred method for wearing a long sleeve shirt). I can put it on full display with a short sleeve shirt. The upper ring will read

Proverbs 22:6 Ephesians 6:4

Underneath that on the second ring I will have my children’s signatures. General Mayhem, Major Havoc, and Captain Chaos each signed their name in their favorite color on a piece of paper. The tattoo artist will be able to duplicate their names on my arm, so it will look like they signed my arm with a Sharpie. On a partial ring underneath the Captain’s name, will be printed

1 Samuel 1:27

Five or six years ago, while reading a magazine in the Midwest Airlines bag room, I came across an article about a musician who had his children’s names tattooed around his wrist. I loved the idea. Since then, The Boss and I have had several long conversations about tattoos, what we like and dislike about them, and their purpose, as well as what scripture has and doesn’t have to say on the subject. I’ve spent time reading about Christian perspectives on tattoos. I’ve spent time praying about this decision.  Making this decision has been an interesting journey, but it has been neither quick nor easy. 

The Boss has been teasing me about becoming a manly man. Yeah, I’ll look hot, riding down the street on her scooter, tat in full view. I might even get a biker wave from a couple of six year olds fresh off of their training wheels. I am happy that this decision has been a mutual decision. She accompanied me to the tattoo parlor to discuss the design with a tattoo artist.   I mention this here today for no other reason than eventually it will come out.   In a few hours I will have a constant reminder of two very important passages about parenting on full display on my arm, and one equally important reminder that God answered my prayers (not that the Captain’s antics doesn’t already do that).


  1. I am a tatted preacher's wife. I have a small tattoo on my right big toe. It's simple and it's there simply to represent a journey I took to lose 86lbs and gain my health and life back. Once I reached my goal and maintained it for a time I really wanted something. I ended up getting it while on vacation visiting my dad who has since passed. Now it has a little extra special meaning. It wasn't a drunken decision made in my youth. It was a thoughtful decision that to this day (9 years later) I do not regret. God speed Arby and get some Lubriderm lotion that's non scented.

  2. We are all gonna have to see pictures. And regarding Shannon's lubriderm suggestion...I've heard baby butt cream works great too. Just sayin'.

    And as your blogging partner and campaign manager, couldn't you have saved the controversial post about tattoos until AFTER the voting ended!?!??! (LOL!)

  3. Shannon, thanks for the tip!

    Linda, you can't trust those candidates. They're always starting last minute fires that their managers have to extinguish!

  4. Enjoy your tattoo. I wanted one up until the moment a friend described the process of his first tattoo as "running your arm through a sewing machine." I'm now happy to live without such an adornment. I have seen some gorgeous tattoos and admire them from an artistic viewpoint.

    I do like the idea of having your children's signatures on your arm. Maybe I'll break out the Sharpies. :o)

    Peace and Laughter!

  5. Wow! you just reminded me that I have a five dot-to-dot tattoo. Not that I asked for the radiation dots.
    Anyone needing to do chest compressions on me (hopefully never) will know exactly where to put their palm - right on the dot.
    Can't wait to see yours. The design sounds awesome.