Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Days It's Easier Not to Ask "Why?"

The first day of school did not start with the traditional “First Day of School” song, a song with no discernable melody that The Boss and I boisterously sang while clanging pan lids and pounding on toy drums to wake-up our children.    We broke with a seven year tradition and gently roused our young learners.  They began their day with a prayer and a breakfast of pancakes with bacon.  Naturally, the girl asked for noodles, because a day without Ramen is a day not worth living.   

This morning was interesting.   The dynamics of our homeschool day changed dramatically this year.  We now have three fulltime students.  There’s a part of me that feels like we are back in a comfortable groove.  It’s just another day of homeschooling.  There’s a very real part of me that feels like we are back on day one of year one.   Balancing the diverse needs of a high school freshman, a third grader, and a special needs first grader is challenging, harried, spastic, fun, and loud.   We started our day with a prayer for patience and guidance and cooperation, but I’m not certain the children understood that it was meant for them, too, since the 14 year old boy who can cook for himself over an open campfire and sleep comfortably in a snow bank and throw a tomahawk twelve feet and hit a playing card nailed to a tree stump had a near meltdown over the rules for hide-n-seek with his younger brother while they took a short break from studies. 
These things still baffle me.   In fact, there is a lot about homeschooling that still baffles me, but instead of asking why, I think I will just accept that it is.  Life is easier that way.


  1. I'm quite aware that people who know me think that I never have doubts about my parenting or homeschooling, given that I have two grown children who clearly show the (good) fruit of over 20 years of homeschooling labor. I'm guessing they may be surprised how many times I feel a complete failure at life, as a Christian, and as a mom.

    It's probably good to still doubt my abilities at this stage. Makes me depend on God - actually I think I'm more aware of my need now than ever. I'm getting old. I'll be 50 this year and though I have a 27-year old I also have a 9-year old who has many years of homeschooling ahead of him, not to mention a senior in high school who is dual-enrolled and will be attending a four-year college next year (while still living at home - all my kids live at home during college). I have a 23-year old son who (thankfully) still lives at home who I am guiding in his career. To be perfectly honest, it's exhausting. Most moms my age are not teaching a 9-year while simultaneously signing their 17-year old up for the SAT while giving their 23-year old son advice on networking.

    I guess my point is: you're not alone!

  2. Funny!! TL is the same. Tough as nails boy scout, but wants his mommy to do stuff for him. I'm working on making sure I don't and he learns to do everything on his own. This year we're focusing on indoor cooking instead of over a flame, which should be really interesting since we'll be moving into a camper full time.