Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Hate These Kinds Of Dilemmas

If anyone lives in the greater Kansas City area they will be familiar with KMBZ radio at 980 on the AM dial. It’s one of two local news and talk radio stations. The 9-11 morning slot is currently filled by a guy named Chris Merrill. Being that I am a talk radio junkie, I tune in to his show when I can, which depends entirely on where my children have decided to complete their school work. If they are in the kitchen, the radio is off. This morning, I was washing dishes and cooking French toast BY MYSELF when Merrill started his show by talking about the new book on Sarah Palin. Stick with me here. This is not a blog about politics.

Joe McGinniss is the author who moved to Wasila, Alaska, and took up residence in a house right next door to the Palins. It was a creepy thing to do: legal but borderline stalking. While he spent his days researching the topic of his book, the Palins erected a privacy fence between the two properties and went about their lives. Mr. McGinniss’ book will go on sale on September 20th, but details about the contents have been leaked. Allegedly, the former Alaskan governor used cocaine in the past, had a pre-marital fling with then college basketball player Glen Rice, is attracted to black men, and had affairs on Todd Palin. I know, I know. Who cares?

In Merrill’s casual, “I’m just an average guy in a bar” style, he expounded on how this publicity, true or not, will only help Sarah Palin with the public. Snorted cocaine? Attracted to black men? A pre-marriage fling with a black man out behind the woodshed? Merrill thinks these are all pluses to the average guy who might think that Palin is “bootylicious.” He went on to explain the great PR black men get due to their reputation for having bigger…well, you probably know what he meant. And he explained the value of having a wood shed behind which two people can sneak off for some private time. And you’re asking, “Arby, where are you going with this?” I’m getting there.

Normally, I can hear my children coming long before they get to the kitchen, with enough time to change stations or turn off the radio before they arrive. Neither the seven nor the eight year old is quiet. The ninja teenager is entirely different. I turned around from flipping a slice of French toast right about the time Merrill was dropping the “bootylicious” line only to find the 14 year old sitting quietly at the kitchen table with a shocked expression on his face. And it was at this moment that I thought,

“Whoever said that you had to go to a public school to be socialized?”

I told you to trust me. I brought this back to homeschooling. And now I’m wondering, should I leave the radio off between 9-11 in the morning or should I assign two hour's worth of listening as a part of a social studies class?

I hate these kinds of dilemmas.


  1. I just LOVE IT. I sometimes listen to talk radio (Neil Boortz here in ATL) and during the whole Congressman Weiner scandal I think my youngest (6) heard too much. We caught him using the phrase (sorry to be blunt here) "candy ass wiener) the following week. Talk about shocked but not surprised because kids parrot what they hear.

    I do believe your 14 year old can listen and make judgments and and probably learn quite a bit. My 6 year old: not so much!

  2. Marymakesmusic, yours is by far the funniest comment I've read since starting this blog. Thank you!

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only talk-radio junkie out there! I usually only get to listen in the car - which means my kids are with me during the day. I did keep it off during the Weiner scandal, and will shut it off on some topics, but I know my girls (9 and 10) are getting a political education. My only fear is whether or not they'll call out their (very liberal) grandmother on something one day - what would I do then?!

  4. LOL...@Mary!!! Out of the mouths of babes!

  5. One word: Headphones. :oD

    If you can't wear them without tangling yourself while making the French toast or doing the dishes, I would just leave the radio off or prepare to discuss it afterward.

    I could completely picture your son's look. My teen son has given that look many times!

    Peace and Laughter!

  6. See, you CAN socialize while homeschooling!! And the public thinks we shelter our kids and lock them in the closet or something!! lol

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  7. Haha! There's a lot I won't let my kids hear, but some things slip through, and my husband is pretty political at the dinner table, so they know what the score is, generally. We're more circumspect than many, but kids tend to figure things out. Mine will be old enough to really start to get some of this stuff soon, so I have the same dilemma.

  8. I agree with a point expressed by some others here: your 14-year old is probably old enough to start having these discussions but the younger ones, not so much.

    I think it's important to preserve our children's innocence. When they get old enough, it's important to discuss these issues with them and help them to think critically and deeply about them.

    For the record, the garbage in that book is lies and it's possible the publisher (Random House) may even face a lawsuit. But the bottom line is, those that have followed Sarah Palin and know her character know it's garbage and those that hate her will choose to believe it because they want to.

  9. Let's not lose sight of the humor in this situation.