Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Ignorant Among Us

“A lot of them [homeschooled children]are demented when they're homeschooled. They are afraid of children. They learn to be scared of other children. It’s all about mommy and daddy telling us everything.” 
- Joy Behar, The View
November 2008

One possible response:

Your thoughts?


  1. Joy Behar proves herself ignorant on many matters and lacking the sense to not display her ignorance. I don't think anything she says needs a serious response.

  2. The ignorant will say ignorant things. What more is to be expected from them?

    Every time Joy Behar opens her mouth, all I hear is cats screeching. Why does anyone pay her any attention?

  3. Oooohhhh, it all makes sense now! So THAT'S why I couldn't realte to adults at all when I left home, and the only people I felt comfortable around were kids!
    Ugh. What a moron. She's describing kids who grow up in cults, not kids who grow up homeschooled. It's only coincidence that the two often go together.

  4. Oh good grief...I read a phrase in a blog yesterday. I'll apply it to Joy Behar. "She sets off my auto-mute button every time she speaks."

    I hate to always harp on this point, but I think when homeschoolers (like in the video above) give any credence at all to the idea that homeschoolers somehow have to "make up for" the lack of socialization kids get in school it sends the message that there's actually a good thing homeschooled kids are missing. There isn't. Period. Socialization in schools is not necessary. Or good.

    Whatever social situations we place our children in as homeschoolers, it has nothing to do with trying to "make up" for something they're missing in public school. Even if my kids were IN SCHOOL...they would still do local sports, AWANA, youth group, and other social activities with kids.

    I really wish homeschoolers would stop supporting the belief that the lack of socialization is a "negative effect" of homeschooling. It's bad enough that we hear it from the naysayers...do we have to hear it from the believers too?!?!?

  5. My mouth is hanging open in shock! Kind of. Obviously she hasn't met any homeschooled children.

  6. If homeschooled kids are "demented," then Joy Behar must have been homeschooled! Good grief - what is that woman's problem?!

    On a positive note, I love the video - kudos to her!

  7. Joy Behar never says anything worth listening to...

    As far as the video goes, I object to the label of "negative effects of homeschooling." None of the issues she brings up are "negative effects." Surely there may be challenges but that's to be expected in something as important as raising human beings!

    I also object to the idea that there are "cons" of homeschooling as opposed to "pros." It's all positive as far as I'm concerned. While this woman is giving some worthwhile encouragement, she needs to stop buying into the notion herself that there are negative aspects to homeschooling. We face challenges for which we sometimes need creative answers, that's all.

    I so agree with Linda...why homeschoolers buy into the notion that we need to make up for anything in the area of socialization is beyond me. But I'm pretty sure we all started out with that way of thinking because we've been so brainwashed ourselves. The truth is that God made the family unit and it should be first and foremost in our children's lives. The system of sending your kids out to spend the better part of their childhood (and beyond) with their peers and others who probably don't share your beliefs is certainly NOT the way God intended us to raise our kids.

    I point out in a recent post titled "The Myth of Socialization" that what the public schools offer is, in fact, negative socialization. And it's some of the worst kind. The examples I share are shocking and they aren't as rare as most would like to believe.

  8. I think the title of the video was meant tongue-in-cheek.