Thursday, November 4, 2010

Have you written?

My eighth grader is writing an essay for our literature class.  His assignment is to discuss how and why the use of rhetoric is central to the novel Animal Farm.  The echoes of his groaning hang in the air since I gave him the assignment yesterday afternoon.  My middle child is on the fourth day of his search for his missing science book, while showing a slightly suffocating need to have me sit next to him as he navigates second grade punctuation and 18-9= 9.  He knows the answers. He craves the 230 pound security blanket.  Meanwhile, the girl runs through the house, eagerly completing Abeka’s Button Bear exercises, mastering basic counting, and learning “Q.”  Three grades.  One house under construction.  One dad.
In the living room, a laptop sits open on a little green desk, one tiny white light blinking steadily, asking, “Have you written your blog post today?  Have you written your blog post today?”   It’s the electronic raven rapping, tapping on my chamber door.  Have you written?
One of the pleasures of writing The Homeschool Apologist is knowing that there is an audience that appreciates our efforts.  We were blessed to have 83 readers sign-up to follow us through Networked Blogs and Google Connect since our first post on August 12th.  We are grateful that so many people stopped by to visit and showed an interest in our blog. 
One thing that we do not see much of is comments.  With the exception of a few days where we were taken to task by a couple of angry public school teachers/supporters (and those were fun days), we do not hear from our readers.  That begs a question.  Are you there? 
Both Linda and I enjoy writing about and writing in defense of homeschooling.  We enjoy harvesting the comics from Cristina’s vast collection of Home Spun Juggling wisdom.  At the same time, we need to know that we are providing a service that is useful and enjoyed.  It is time to ask you, our readers, for some feedback.  Are you out there?  Are you reading?  Are we providing you with information that is helpful?  Please take a moment and tell us.  We need to hear from you.  
Now it’s time to rouse the troops, serve some breakfast, teach some algebra, and introduce “P.”  It’s another homeschooling day.


  1. I love your blog. I will try to comment more. I am reading it however and I am HERE. :)

  2. I am definitely here. I was also taken to task as you put it due to supporting your writings, but I still do so with pride. A lot of what you write feels like it comes from my own diary. Homeschooling can be a lonely road and you make it less so with each post. THANK YOU!

  3. I read every post, but I admit to mixed emotions here. Do non-homeschoolers read The Homeschool Apologist? If so, do they come away with a favorable impression of homeschooling, or at least a grudging respect for our right to homeschool? Then that's something I ought to support, although I'm not sure how. Do "me, too!" comments from homeschoolers help the cause?

    OTOH, if you're preaching to the choir, encouraging homeschoolers to continue homeschooling, and challenge them to continue to improve the education they're providing, I find Boarding in Bedlam more encouraging.

    I have an 11 yo who's brilliant but would rather daydream than do work that's easy for him. So easy work takes longer than hard work. It's a tricky balance finding just the right degree of challenge for him. Because he takes so long to finish the easy work, a classroom teacher would put him in a remedial class where he would never be challenged again, and he would mentally drop out entirely. I have a 13 yo with autism who's still working on his +2 facts. It only took him two years to get +1.

    So I have two questions: 1. Who exactly are your intended audience? 2. How can we homeschoolers help communicate your message to them?

  4. I read and I often leave comments. But I had the same question: why aren't more who are following, commenting?

    I'm in an odd position that I consider myself a die-hard homeschooler - yet my 5 yr old goes to public school while I homeschool my 13 yr old. So I am a homeschool mom who also is a wife who believes hubby has the final word... and that word was he wanted Red in public school. So, there you go.

    I must say it's working rather well - although I don't think the kindergartner teacher likes me because Red never completes his homework.

    Okay - so Papa Bear has a good point: who is the audience?

    I will end now - I have a severe head cold....

  5. I would have to echo your kids cries over 'discuss rhetoric'..loved the book myself, but that just sounds like ugh.

    Algebra on the other hand, wish I could teach more of it!

  6. Yes, I'm reading ... usually in an attempt to hear a sane, adult voice talking about a subject I love in the middle of "Can I have a break?" and "Can I have some ice cream?"

    Me: "NO! We don't have ice cream for breakfast!" (For the gazillionth time.)

    Thank you for providing me with an outlet. PLEASE keep writing.

  7. Is it awful that I contribute and don't comment a lot? I try to speak up when I feel I add to the conversation, otherwise I would only say "Uh-huh, yep, right, what he said." :o)

    I'm also usually much better at commenting when my Google Reader list is low. When everyone updates at once and I have 75 new items to sift through, I tend to comment less!

    Peace and Laughter!