Monday, November 1, 2010

Please Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Election Day.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to vote one way or another.  I’m not going to discuss specific candidates or their parties.  I know how I am going to vote tomorrow.  I trust that you know how you are going to vote tomorrow.   I suspect that there is little that I can say or do to change your mind, even if I wanted to.  Instead, I am going to ask you for a favor.
Think about homeschooling.
There are a lot of issues in this country that gain our attention, from the deficit to unemployment, from taxes to health care, our relationship with foreign countries and the ever present threat of terrorists and their desire to harm us.   It’s a lot to think about.
When you go to the polls tomorrow, please think about your children and their future.  Think about the quality of the education that they are receiving.  Consider your candidates, and ask yourself which candidate is going to support your freedom to educate your children at home?  Which candidate will support your freedom to educate your children at home without placing onerous burdens or restrictions on the process?  I demonstrated last week that there is at least one candidate in Missouri actively campaigning against homeschooling.  I am certain there are more. 
Please think about this issue.  Pray about this issue.  Please vote tomorrow.  Please consider supporting those candidates who will support your right to educate your children at home.

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  1. I guess I'll be looking up candidates in my area against homeschooling. Hope I don't find any!