Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"The Government-Education Complex": Another Reason to Homeschool

Bruno Behrend, of Extreme Wisdom, recently wrote an article for Somewhat Reasonable, the blog of The Heartland Institute, which has provided me with an incredibly well-written explanation of yet another reason why I continue to make the choice to homeschool my children. 

In this fantastic article, Bruno Behrend calls our national education system "The Government-Education Complex", and his description of the structural make-up, agenda, and outcome of this taxpayer-funded monstrosity is spot-on.
"The 'Government Education Complex' is the interlocking set of interests that control the vast majority of American education dollars, education policy, and the steady increase in unnecessary education job creation. The explosion of spending, debt, and taxation we’ve witnessed in the last 25 years was used to fund the growth of this Complex."
"The Government Education Complex is designed to grow itself, while spending money by the billions. It is operating exactly as intended. The actual education of America’s children is not its agenda. Spending money is its agenda."
The parents of America's children should be asking themselves these question.

Why would I entrust my child's entire future to a system which
"...merely uses our children as a stick to beat more money out of us while providing, at best, a mediocre education for the lucky few?" 
Why would I entrust my child to a system that is not interested in reforming itself, despite well-documented evidence of pervasive failure to produce positive results?

Mr. Behrend is not a fan of reform.  Instead he argues for a more far-reaching solution.  He believesand I concurthat the only solution is the complete dismantling of a system that is far more successful at lining the pockets of unions, administrators, politicians, and special interests than it is in providing America's children with a quality education.

And until the system is dismantled, it may have control of my tax dollars, but it will NEVER have control of my children.

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