Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Major Havoc, What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Major Havoc sighed in frustration, dropping his head into his hands.  My initial thought was that he would launch into all the reasons his 8-year-old mind could create for not completing his A beka Language 2 writing assignment.  I checked my own impatience.  He has been stalling on completing his work during the last two weeks.  He will finish second grade before Christmas, and I think we are both looking forward to the break before he begins third grade after the first of the year.
 “What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Dad, I have to write one sentence telling what I would like to be when I grow up.”
“So?”  I replied.  “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“Nothing!  I am going to ask my wife to get a job.”
“Good luck with that,” I thought to myself.  This stay-at-home dad thing is a great gig if you can find someone to finance it, but it isn’t the most attractive calling card on the dating market.  It certainly wasn’t in the plans when my wife and I married.
I smiled at the Major.  “Write what you just told me.”
His face positively beamed when he heard my reply.  It never occurred to him that his idea was an acceptable answer.  “Really?”
“Sure.  Write what you just told me.  If that is the truth, then write it.”  
The Major had no difficulties completing the rest of his assignment. 
Write three reasons why you want to be that.
I want to take care of my children.
My wife can get the money.
I can start cooking dinner.
I love his first reason.  I want to take care of my children. No matter what eventually decides to do in life, I hope he never loses that desire.  I wish more men shared in that dream.  I will have to teach him that ketchup is not a food group, and that man cannot live on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches alone (although he is trying to prove me wrong on that).
Write two ways you can prepare for that job.
Marrying my wife.
Having a baby.
At least he has those two items in their proper order.


  1. Love it! And what this whole exercise shows is that he can be himself at home. If he had had that assignment at school, his head would still be in his hands trying to think of the "right" answer instead of HIS answer.

  2. You'd think his answer would make him a feminist's hero in the public schools. I think it would get his rear end kicked on the playground. Glad he's in karate. Happier that he's educated at home!

  3. I love this!! He needs to find himself a wife who was raised in a home with a homeschooling, stay-at-home dad!! That would solve your forward-thinking boy A LOT of trouble!!!

  4. The Major is obviously an observant, sensitive and intelligent little boy who feels loved and secure in his environment. Many in his age group have no awareness that their Dads are taking care of their children. Bless you, Major.

  5. That is just so sweet. And it really shows what a caring father you are!

    Peace and Laughter!

  6. I love that! So glad I'm keeping my kids at home so I don't miss such fun moments.

    Kathleen said "If he had had that assignment at school, his head would still be in his hands trying to think of the "right" answer instead of HIS answer."

    Yes, indeed, Kathleen. I actually did have that assignment in school. And I did end up tearfully trying to come up with the "right" answer. I didn't actually figure out that my first answer really was the right answer until I grew up, unfortunately. Blogged about it! Here: (if you don't mind my leaving a link)