Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank You for Your Editorial Feedback, Please Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Math Assignment

I glanced at Captain Chaos' math paper yesterday afternoon. I am slowly transitioning my first grader from closely supervised instruction to slightly more independent work. Let’s face it, after working with her on simple addition and subtraction equations for four months, she should be able to complete one digit problems on her own. When I checked her paper, I was looking to see whether or not she had properly numbered the clock face on problem number 3. She had, with the addition of her well stated feelings concerning the problem.


There’s never a dull moment with this girl.


  1. My sentiments exactly!! I love that girl! :-)

  2. On a math page?!? I could understand a Language Arts or grammar page, but math?

    What are you teaching this girl when I'm not around?

  3. And never a dull moment when homeschooling...

    Personally, I think you should let Amy take care of it.