Friday, December 2, 2011

This Homeschooler Has Style!

You would think that since I am home teaching my kids every day of the week, I’d have a clue as to the latest styles and trends and where my kids learn of them. You’d think. You’d be wrong.
Captain Chaos awoke last Monday morning and begged me to put her in a dress for her trip to the therapist. Then she promptly accessorized with my old Midwest Airlines hearing protection ear muffs and an old hunting bow. The kids painted them for me. And yes, I wore them on the ramp at MCI for five years.

A week earlier she decided to dress herself, including black shoes, pink Capri’s,  a green shirt that reads “90% Angel,” a superhero cape, a baseball helmet, and a stick horse. 
I fear she’s inherited my sense of style. 

But the best of the week has to be the Turkey Crown.


Any princess of any value absolutely must wear a turkey crown.   After resolutely petitioning me for 24 hours to make a turkey crown, I sat down with her yesterday morning to craft the fowl diadem.  She wore it all day, along with her princess gown.  If only I had video of her shouting “Kia!” as she practiced karate in this royal attire. 

Have a good weekend, every one!


  1. I REALLY can't wait to meet this little girl!!

  2. Love it! She needs to get together with my girls. I can only imagine the outfits that would come out of it.

  3. :D I have to admit, this is one of the things I have most enjoyed about homeschooling. My Mr Music often comes to school dressed as whatever character catches his imagination at the moment, even now at 13.

    In younger years, I used to regularly get math worksheets completed by Jack Sparrow. Or, at least, that's what the name line showed. :D